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We are an Independent Business Owner

A legitimate MLM company must have a product to sell. We buy the products as a customer and we can choose to promote it or not. All customers who bought the products automatically can refer others to the products and we become their independent distributor. We earned commission and they get the sales revenue. It’s fair right?

The question here is, are we Networkers being employed by them? Are they paying us if we do not produce the sales? No No No noway they are going to pay us a single cent even if we are dead broke.

The funny part is that they want to hold our neck by not allowing us to promote other business. They will simply use the standard agreement of all MLM companies to bang us if we leaders start promoting other business. This is truely unfair.

They know very well that I am a multiple streams of income type and yet they want me to start promoting their business. They will say this when they want me to join their business. ” We know you have several other busineses but you can promote our business on top of what you are doing”. We are ok with that haha. I call it SWEET PROMISES to make me join them.

The moment I stop promoting their company then they won’t even ask me why and what is my reason or problem and instead BOOOM they will issue me a letter from compliance and freeze my account. Trying to hold me by the neck. They even want to take away the product that I bought as a customer haha. Sometimes the world is so funny. They want us to be just their distributor alone until they close shop eventhough we cannot make money anymore. They simply don’t want us to keep receiving commission after our hard work. What a cruel world.

I have been facing this type of problems several times and I will keep fighting for my right no matter what. Yes they always have the upper hand with their so called law and code of conduct but they don’t know the fact that my Malaysian government is very protective of their citizen on this matter. They will not allow foreign companies to take advantage of Malaysian leaders and miss treating them like this. If this happen to you then I can pin point the way to get help from the government because I have done it before to fight my right with success.

These foreign MLM companies knows very well that Malaysia is a hub for MLM and everytime they launch a new opportunity then Malaysia will be their next target market. It’s good for business and the economy but please never ever hold us by the neck to only promote your company.

This is the world of internet and people are free to promote what they want so long they can make sales and earn commission. The next time a company approach me, maybe I should hand over my own law and code of conduct first, before i agree to promote their opportunity haha.

What is an Independent Distributor in the English Dictionary? A person who sells a company’s products directly to customers, receiving a payment from the company for the amount of goods sold. Is that in anyway imply that we are the employee of the MLM company where they can simply terminate us for promoting other products? I will keep fighting for my right as an Independent Distributor.